1. Main Players

Four main characters appear in the recordings. By listening to the same characters, you can see the development of their personalities, their problems, and their successes. Basically, you get to know these voices better. Here they are!

Ryan was born in Chicago, but his family moved to Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, when he was in junior high school. He is majoring in international business and Spanish, and he is also taking online evening classes in computer science. Eventually, he wants to open his own Web site design business. In his free time, he enjoys playing the guitar, hiking, jogging, and reading. He is very level-headed and bright, and he really loves the outdoors. In fact, his goal is to climb Mt. Everest someday.

Alex was born in California. When he was growing up, his father was a musician, and his mother was an artist, and because of work, Alex’s family moved all over the place. At 18, Alex decided to move out on his own, and he spent one year traveling around Mexico. He then returned to the US and decided to backpack through the national parks of Utah. On one trip through a remote area in the state, he nearly lost his life when he was bitten by a rattlesnake. Fortunately, another hiker stumbled upon him and transported him to safety. The other hiker turned out to be—-you guessed it—Ryan, and they have been best friends since. Alex now is taking classes online. He is very easygoing and a very loyal friend who would give you the shirt off his back. He is very spontaneous, and he is always making plans at the last minute, but his friends think he’s a little sensitive and moody. He and Ryan get along well even though they annoy each other sometimes, but their differences are what make them friends.

Sarah is originally from Utah, and she was really good friends with Ryan in high school. Her family moved away to Japan for a year, and then she returned to Utah to attend college. She met Ryan during a study abroad program in Europe. She currently works as a high school teacher, and she is really into mountain climbing. Sarah is very sociable and talkative, and she is a great listener.

Karen is from Seattle, Washington, and met the others while on the study abroad program. After she graduated from high school, she decided to pursue her degree in art. She has travel extensively on her own, and she went backpacking through Europe one summer to visit famous museums throughout the continent. She is very headstrong and direct, and she will tell you like it is, but she is also very caring and compassionate. If you are looking for an honest opinion, Karen is the one to ask.

Ryan, Alex, Sarah, and Karen are all single in their twenties.