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1. Warm Up

Making money is a major goal of online stores, and these businesses know that shopping is something we all do regardless of country, but shopping techniques, practices, and language can differ widely depending on the location of the shop, local laws, and store practices. Now, online shopping is becoming popular. Listen to this conversation which will introduce you to this language.

2. Conversation

Pronunciation Tip: WANT TO changes to WANNA and WANTS TO changes to WANTS TA.

Listen to the conversation and answer the questions. Alex and Sarah run into each other at college after not having seen each other for six months since they finished a study abroad program.

3. Retelling the Story

InstructionsRetell the story above using the vocabulary you have learned. Explain why the man started his own business, and how it benefits students.

4. Expanding Your Learning

InstructionsSelect one or more of the activities below to expand your understanding and use of the slang studied in this unit.

  • Discussion: Talk with a partner about shopping on the streets and in outdoor markets. Discuss whether bargaining over the price of an item is acceptable or expected. Is it common for street vendors to raise prices for tourists? How do you know if you’re getting the best price?
  • Improvisation: Give your partner(s) a new vocabulary word from this unit and ask the partner to think up a sentence or more with the slang used in context. Sharing something from personal experience will make the activity more real and interesting to the listeners.
  • Writing: Compose an email to your teacher or a friend about your reasons, for or against, shopping on the Internet. Share a personal experience or one of someone you know.
  • Real Speak: Interview a native speaker at your school or in the local community about their experiences shopping online or in a marketplace in a foreign country. Does the person prefer to shop at a traditional store or buy things online? Have the person explain their reasons.

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