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Ryan: Ah, here we are. What dya think of the hotel?

Alex: Ah man. Just looking at it from the outside, this hotel is sweet. [Really?] You’re the man. An outdoor swimming pool, an awesome view of the beach [We’re close, somewhere.], and free continental breakfasts [Yeah, I think it was in there.].

Ryan: Hmm. That’s not our hotel. Uh, it’s the one next door.

Alex: What? Wh. . .? That place? [Yeah.] You honestly mean that place? [Um-hum.] You’ve got to be joking. I mean, man, that place looks like it’s been condemned for years. [Just a few.] Uh, please, please. Just tell me you’re pulling my leg.

Ryan: Nope!

Alex: This isn’t happening to me. I mean how dya come across such a dump?

Alex: Easy. My uncle’s best friend’s second cousin said his grandfather stayed here once during the War, I guess back in the 1940s, [Ah, man.] so I went online, found the place listed under budget accommodations [Oh.] in a search engine, and then booked the hotel.

Ryan: I’m speechless. Un . . . now . . . So, now that we’ve arrived at the five-star Palace Hotel (You mean, uh, the Purple Flamingo.) Ah . . wha . . . Well, what are you in the mood for this afternoon?

Ryan: Well, to be honest, I just want to take a dip in the green pool (if it’s even open), lounge around until the evening, and then catch something on TV after that. I think it’s black and white. What dya think?

Alex: Ah, man, bag that idea.

Ryan: What idea?

Alex: The idea about hanging around the room and watching TV. I mean you’re always glued to the tube [So?], whether we’re at the apartment or at your parent’s house. I mean, what a drag!

Ryan: So, what dya want to do?

Alex: Well, look. There’s . . . see that sign. Right there saying that the hotel NEXT DOOR is throwing a Hawaiian luau at the beach tonight.

Ryan: Ah, I’m beat from all this traveling. I’m going to crash early tonight.

Alex: You’ve got to be kidding. We booked this hotel along the beach, and you’re going to hit the sack before the excitement begins! [Yeah.] Well, I’m not going to hang around here. I mean it’s party time tonight! I mean, what’s wrong with some clean fun on this trip?

Ryan: Okay. Fine. While your having a grand old time at the beach learning the hula dance, I’ll be writing our girlfriends telling them what we’re BOTH up to this evening. Remember they may not see it the same way.

Alex: Ahhh! . . . so, what’s playing on TV tonight anyway?

Ryan: Yeah. NOW we’re on the same page. [Ah!] Anyway, let’s just relax, forget about condition of our hotel, and get some early shut-eye. You’ll feel better about the whole thing in the morning.

Alex: Ah, man . . .


Vocabulary and Sample Sentences

  • man (interjection): used (mainly by men) to emphasize what you are saying, particularly in emotional situations– Ah, man! You should have made the reservation a month ago.
  • sweet: great, fantastic– The view from the hotel room is so sweet!
  • the man: used to praise someone for having done something very well– Hey, you’re the man! I can’t believe you were able to get these great concert tickets for us, but we can always count on you.
  • come across: find– Dya think we’ll come across some cheap hotels on our trip?
  • pull someone’s leg: tell something that isn’t true as a joke– Stop pulling my leg and tell me honestly: Dya really have to work this weekend, or can we go on the trip?
  • nope: informal for no– Did I make the reservations already? Nope. Dya think I’m that prepared?
  • come across: find– If you come across any good hotel ads, please let me know.
  • dump: an old, rundown, or messy place, often used to refer to apartments, houses, or hotels– Dya notice what a dump that hotel was? There’s no way I’m going to spend a night there.
  • go online: connect with the Internet– Going online and making travel arrangements is becoming easier and easier.
  • book: make a reservation– Don’t worry. I’ll have booked the hotel by the time you get back this afternoon.
  • be in the mood : have the desire to do something– To be honest, I’m not in the mood for shopping. I’d much rather stay at the hotel and relax.
  • take a dip: go swimming– Dya want to take a dip in the pool after dinner?
  • lounge around: spend time doing nothing particular– I spent the morning lounging around at the beach since I didn’t have anything better to do.
  • catch something on TV: watch– Hey. Dya catch that travel show on TV last night? It talked all about hotel accommodations in Europe.
  • bag: decide not to do something– Web bagged the idea of traveling by bus because it would have taken too long to finish our trip.
  • hang around: spend time at a place with no specific purpose– Dya know where Carl is? Since I don’t see his surfboard outside, he must be hanging around at the beach.
  • be glued to the tube : watch intensely the TV– While he has been glued to the tube all afternoon, the rest of the family has been collecting sea shells on the beach.
  • drag: something that is boring– Going on that tour yesterday was such a drag because the tour guide was very informed or interesting. Let’s just explore the city on our own today.
  • throw: have or organize an event– We decided to throw a homecoming party for my parents.
  • be beat: very tired, exhausted– To be honest, I’m really beat after that long flight, so dya mind waiting a little later to go out for dinner?
  • crash: go to sleep– After spending thirteen hours on the plane, the only thing I wanted to do was to go home and crash.
  • hit the sack: go to bed– Why don’t we hit the sack a little early so we’re ready for the tour tomorrow.
  • clean: not offensive or objectionable– Don’t worry. They only show clean movies on the airplane, so that shouldn’t be a problem for you kids.
  • play on TV: be shown or performed (playing at the theater)– By chance, dya know if any good movies are playing on TV tonight?
  • be on the same page: be in agreement– You’d better check with brother about our travel plans to make sure we are on the same page. I don’t want to find out about any misunderstandings or flight changes a few days before our departure.
  • get some shut eye: go to sleep – I think we’d better get some shut eye so we’ll be alert for the long drive tomorrow.

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