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Sarah: Hey, Alex, Alex! Long time, no see.

Alex: Hey, Sarah. Fancy bumping into ya here.

Sarah: Yeah. I haven’t seen ya in ages [Yeah, when was it?] . . . since the study abroad program. So, what have ya been up to lately?

Alex: Ah, Just the same old thing, but what’s new with YOU since we got back from overseas?

Sarah: Just school and work. Uh, by the way, have ya been in touch with Ryan these days? [No, why?] I heard he’s getting married to a girl named Angela!

Alex: Huh? . . .No way. I mean stop putting me on. I just saw him three days ago, and he didn’t say a word about that. I mean, I went out Angela just a week ago, and we had a date planned for Friday. I mean I really thought she liked me and, I just . . .

Sarah: Um, sorry. I guess I let THAT one slip. [Yea . . .] Oh, hey, hey, I’ve got to run. I have to go to work.

Alex: Ye . . . Yeah, I . . . I have to take off, too.

Sarah: It was nice seeing you.

Alex: Yeah, same here, but you need to give me the scoop on Ryan. I mean . . . I really thought that she . . .

Sarah: Don’t worry. It’s probably a different Angela anyway. [Well . . .] Hey, here’s my phone number. [Yeah, but . . .] Some of the people from study abroad program are getting together this weekend [Yeah, but . . .], so give me a ring if ya want to come. Better . . . [Well, yeah . . .] Better yet, you can reach me at this email address.

Alex: Yeah, well . . . [What?] I guess. Hmph. Catch ya later.

Sarah: Oh, and say hello to Ryan for me.

Alex: Hmph. You’d better believe it . . . after I wring his neck. That lousy so-called friend.


Key Vocabulary and Sample Sentences

long time, no see: it’s been a long time since I’ve

— Hey, long time, no see. What have ya been up to lately?

bump into: meet unexpectedly

— I just happened to bump into my cousin downtown. It was a surprise for both of us.

be up to: be busy or occupied with

— Do ya know what your brother has been up to lately? I haven’t seen him in ages.

be in touch: make contact

— I haven’t been in touch with my brother for a month, so I’m not sure how he’s doing.

no way: I can’t believe it

— Did ya say he’s from India? No way! He was carrying a Russian passport today.

putting someone on: fool or joke

— Hey. Stop putting me on! Either tell me the truth, or I’m going home.

have (got) to run: have to go

— I have to run and catch a bus, or I’m going to be late for work.

take off: go away

— I really want to take off a few days from work, but I don’t have any more time to spare.

give someone a ring: call by telephone

— How about giving me a ring if ya get bored over the weekend? We could get together and watch a movie.

reach me: speak with or find

–If ya can’t reach me at home, give me a ring on my cell phone.

catch you later: see you later

— Hey, catch ya later. Give me a ring if ya want to get together and do something over the weekend.

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