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Ryan: So, I hear you and your brother are going on a study abroad tour of Europe this summer. You lucky dog.

Alex: Hey, why don’t you come along with us? It’s only for three weeks.

Ryan: Nah. I don’t wanna be a tag-along and get in the way.

Alex: Nonsense. I know you’re feeling itchy to get out and see things, and this is the cheapest tour around. [Oh, yeah.] Only $1.500! Hey, we’re planning on painting the town red every night.

Ryan: No, really. I don’t wanna ask you to change your plans.

Alex: No problem. And on the tour, you can kick back and enjoy the sites without worrying about finding your way around. The study abroad tour arranges everything.

Ryan: I don’t know. It sound too good to be true.

Alex: Ah. Don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers. And when we’re not in classes . . . I mean you have to go to classes, but anyway, we’ll be hitting some great shopping districts, so you can keep your eye out for some real steals [uh-huh] . You could even pick up some nice gifts for your girlfriend if you wanna surprise her.

Ryan: Uhh. Well, it sounds like a lot of money to shell out for such a short trip.

Alex: Hey, but they’re planning on covering a lot of ground during the trip, so you get a lot for your buck.

Ryan: Uhhh.

Alex: Come on. You’re such a homebody. You’ve got to live it up sometimes, and here’s your chance. Splurge a little, and we’ll have a blast.

Vocabulary and Sample Sentences

  • you lucky dog: a very fortunate or lucky person– What a lucky dog! He was awarded a scholarship to attend the study abroad program this summer.
  • tag-along: a person who follows along, and in some cases, not wanted (as a verb, tag along)– My sister often wants ta tag along behind her older siblings.
  • feel itchy: have a strong desire to do something– They are really feeling itching to get out and see the sights, and wanna experience everything they can during the trip.
  • paint the town red: go out around time enjoying yourself– Many young people on overseas trips wanna paint the town red on their evenings out, but they should still respect the feelings and customs of the local culture and people.
  • kick back: relax– Had I more time to spare, I’d kick back and relax the whole afternoon.
  • find your way around: get around easily– If you have a map and a guide, you should be able to find your way around the city without a problem.
  • slip through one’s fingers: miss the opportunity or chance to do something– If you really don’t wanna go on the trip, that’s completely up to you, but I think you’ll later regret letting this opportunity to slip through your fingers.
  • hit: visit– Do you wanna hit a few other tourist sights before we leave, or should we just call it a day.
  • keep your eye out for something: watch carefully for– Please keep you eye out for my brother. He should be coming by here in a few mintues.
  • shell out: pay– Are you really sure you wanna shell out $50 for that radio?
  • a steal: something very inexpensive– Hey, this bag is a steal! You won’t find the same bag cheaper anywhere.
  • cover a lot of ground: travel a far distance– If you wanna cover a lot of ground this weekend, we might wanna consider renting a car.
  • buck: dollar– Could you loan me a few bucks until later tonight? There are some gifts I wanna buy for my family, but I don’t have any money on me at the moment.
  • homebody: a person who likes to stay home– She’s a real homebody, and she never wants ta get out and do anything.
  • splurge: spend a great deal of money– Don’t splurge and buy too many souvenirs now because you might run out of money and not have enough when you really wanna pick up something for your girlfriend.
  • have a blast: have a good time, enjoy yourself– You should have gone with us on vacation. We had a blast

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