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Study Abroad Trips - Part I

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I. Warm Up

Study abroad can provide students with a wonderful way to see the world and learn new a language, and once you are at your destination, you can join travel groups to see the country or travel on your own. This conversation deals with this topic.

II. Conversation - Listen

Pronunciation Tip: WANT TO changes to WANNA and WANTS TO changes to WANTS TA.

Background: Ryan has just found out that Alex is planning on going on a study abroad trip to Europe.

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Ryan: So, I hear you and your brother are going on a study abroad tour of Europe this summer. You lucky dog.

Alex: Hey, why don't you come along with us? It's only for three weeks.

Ryan: Nah. I don't wanna be a tag-along and get in the way.

Alex: Nonsense. I know you're feeling itchy to get out and see things, and this is the cheapest tour around. [Oh, yeah.] Only $1.500! Hey, we're planning on painting the town red every night.

Ryan: No, really. I don't wanna ask you to change your plans.

Alex: No problem. And on the tour, you can kick back and enjoy the sites without worrying about finding your way around. The study abroad tour arranges everything.

Ryan: I don't know. It sound too good to be true.

Alex: Ah. Don't let this opportunity slip through your fingers. And when we're not in classes . . . I mean you have to go to classes, but anyway, we'll be hitting some great shopping districts, so you can keep your eye out for some real steals [uh-huh] . You could even pick up some nice gifts for your girlfriend if you wanna surprise her.

Ryan: Uhh. Well, it sounds like a lot of money to shell out for such a short trip.

Alex: Hey, but they're planning on covering a lot of ground during the trip, so you get a lot for your buck.

Ryan: Uhhh.

Alex: Come on. You're such a homebody. You've got to live it up sometimes, and here's your chance. Splurge a little, and we'll have a blast.

Key Vocabulary: [ Sample Sentences ]

  • you lucky dog: a very fortunate or lucky person
  • nah: informal for no
  • tag-along: a person who follows along, and in some cases, not wanted
  • feel itchy: have a strong desire to do something
  • paint the town red: go out around time enjoying yourself
  • kick back: relax
  • find your way around: get around easily
  • slip through one's fingers: miss the opportunity or chance to do something
  • hit: visit
  • keep your eye out for: watch carefully for
  • shell out: pay
  • a steal: something very inexpensive
  • cover a lot of ground: travel a far distance
  • buck: dollar
  • homebody: a person who likes to stay home
  • splurge: spend a great deal of money
  • have a blast: have a good time, enjoy yourself

Origin of Idioms:

III. Catching the Meaning

Read the following sentences and select the best expression for each:

1. It is sometimes hard to _________________ if you don't have a map of the city.
A. find your way around
B. kick back
C. splurge

2. When you go on vacation, please ______________________ for some unique souvenirs for the people at work.
A. slip through your fingers
B. have a blast
C. keep your eye out

3.Did you say your boyfriend won a free trip to Hawaii? What a ________.
A. homebody
B. tag-along
C. lucky dog

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