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Ryan: Hey, Alex. I didn’t see you log on or post any messages ta the online bulletin board yesterday? What’s up?

Alex: Ah, I pulled an all-nighter ta cram for tomorrow’s midterm [Really?], but I have a feeling I’m going ta flunk it anyway.

Ryan: Of course. Well, if you didn’t goof off so much [What!?], probably ace the test. You ALWAYS pass the tests with flying colors, but I’M the one whose going ta bomb it. [Oh.] I mean everyone knows you’re a whiz at this stuff [Yeah.], but you skip class at least twice a week. You must be spending too much time with what’s-her-face.

Alex: Hey, I haven’t been goofing off, and she has a name, you know. It’s just that the class is such a drag, and for me, it’s sometimes a waste of time. I mean I know all the stuff already. Anyway, I’ve been working like a dog ta to pay for other expenses.

Ryan: Obviously, you’ve bit off more than you can chew, but man, you’ve just got ta hang in there. Hey, why don’t we all get together and hit the books for a few hours.

Alex: Well, I guess it couldn’t hurt.

Ryan: Hey, you can even bring along what’s-her-face.

Alex: Hey, she’s got a name, you know.

Key Vocabulary and Sample Sentences

  • pull an all-nighter: stay up all night– I had ta pull an all-nighter ta get ready for today’s final test, and I’m exhausted.
  • cram: study intensely before a test– Craming for tests at the last minute isn’t the best way ta get through college.
  • flunk: fail (also flunk out = have to leave school because of poor grades)– You’re going ta flunk the test if you don’t get busy and study hard.
  • goof off: wasting time instead of studying or working– Why do you goof off so much instead of preparing for classes? You’re going ta flunk out of college for sure.
  • ace a test : get a perfect score– There is no secret to acing a test. You just need to spend a lot of time reviewing the material.
  • bomb: fail or do poorly on– Even though he crammed all night, he still bombed the test.
  • whiz: a person who is very intelligent or has a special skill– If you need help cramming for the test, ask my brother. He’s a wiz at math.
  • skip class: purposely not attend classWhy in the world do you skip classes all the time? You’re going ta flunk all your classes, and then you’ll have to retake them.
  • drag: something that is boring– Sometimes studying on the weekend is a real drag, but you can’t get grades by sitting around doing nothing.
  • work like a dog: work very hard– Sometimes I feel like I have ta work like a dog just ta pay for college tuition and my living expenses.
  • bite off more than you can chew: take on more work or responsibilities than you can accomplish emotionally or physically– Did you say you’re taking a full load of classes and working full time? I think you bit off a little more than you can chew because it is really difficult ta do both and do well.
  • hang in there: refuse to give up– I know that life as a full-time student is tough, but you have ta hang in there. Only three more weeks of school.
  • hit the books : study– You really need ta hit the books more because you have terrible study habits.

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