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Study Abroad: Making New Friendships

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I. Warm Up

Study abroad programs give people opportunities to make new friends, and beginning, maintaining, and ending a conversation are keys to good, positive communication. Also, knowing what to say when you meet someone again helps improve friendships. In this conversation, two people run into each other again after participating in the same study abroad program. Before you listen, think about what expressions you would use to smoothly start and end a conversation.

II. Conversation

Pronunciation Tip: YOU changes to YA.

Background: Alex and Sarah run into each other at college after not having seen each other for six months since they finished a study abroad program.

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Sarah: Hey, Alex, Alex! Long time, no see.

Alex: Hey, Sarah. Fancy bumping into ya here.

Sarah: Yeah. I haven't seen ya in ages [Yeah, when was it?] . . . since the study abroad program. So, what have ya been up to lately?

Alex: Ah, Just the same old thing, but what's new with YOU since we got back from overseas?

Sarah: Just school and work. Uh, by the way, have ya been in touch with Ryan these days? [No, why?] I heard he's getting married to a girl named Angela!

Alex: Huh? . . .No way. I mean stop putting me on. I just saw him three days ago, and he didn't say a word about that. I mean, I went out Angela just a week ago, and we had a date planned for Friday. I mean I really thought she liked me and, I just . . .

Sarah: Um, sorry. I guess I let THAT one slip. [Yea . . .] Oh, hey, hey, I've got to run. I have to go to work.

Alex: Ye . . . Yeah, I . . . I have to take off, too.

Sarah: It was nice seeing you.

Alex: Yeah, same here, but you need to give me the scoop on Ryan. I mean . . . I really thought that she . . .

Sarah: Don't worry. It's probably a different Angela anyway. [Well . . .] Hey, here's my phone number. [Yeah, but . . .] Some of the people from study abroad program are getting together this weekend [Yeah, but . . .], so give me a ring if ya want to come. Better . . . [Well, yeah . . .] Better yet, you can reach me at this email address.

Alex: Yeah, well . . . [What?] I guess. Hmph. Catch ya later.

Sarah: Oh, and say hello to Ryan for me.

Alex: Hmph. You'd better believe it . . . after I wring his neck. That lousy so-called friend.

Key Vocabulary: [ Sample Sentences ]

long time, no see: it's been a long time since I've seen you
fancy: expressing surprise
bump into: meet unexpectedly
in ages: a long time
be up to: be busy or occupied with
what's new: what's new in your life
by the way: (used to introduce a new topic), so
be in touch: make contact
Huh? (interjection): what?
no way (interjection): I can't believe it
put someone on: fool or joke
umm (interjection): used when pausing to think
let something slip: talk about something accidently that was supposed to be a secret
scoop: news
have (got) to run: have to go
take off: leave
give someone a ring: call by telephone
reach someone: speak with or find
catch you later: see you later
hmph: showing disapproval, disappointment, or disgust
you'd better believe it: showing disapproval, disappointment, or disgust
wring someone's neck: punish someone who makes you upset or angry
lousy: very bad

Origin of Idioms:

Wringing one's neck can make reference to the action of killing an animal like a chicken by twisting its neck with your bare hands. Today, we use this expression when we are really angry with someone.

III. Catching the Meaning

Read the following sentences and select the best expression for each:

1. Have you heard from Cindy lately? I haven't talked with her ________.
A. long time, no see
B. in ages
C. in touch

2. I wish we could talk more, but I _______________. My class starts in five minutes, and I don't want to be late.
A. 've got to run
B. 've be up to lately
C. 've put you on

3. You won't believe who I _________ on the way to school. It was your old girlfriend, Marsha.
A. took off
B. gave a ring
C. bumped into

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